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What Stores are Saying


Hastur Games - Salt Lake City, Utah
“S’Quarrels sells itself; put it on the shelf where people can see it, they buy it."

Gator Games - San Mateo, California
“The rules are so easy to adapt to that everyone has a good experience playing S'Quarrels. The fast packed game play heightens its re-playability, not to mention the look on everyone's face when they think they've won, only to see the Golden Acorn appear!”

Izilla Toys - Seattle, Washington
"What's selling really well for me is S'Quarrels. It gets into a neighborhood and everybody wants it." - Quoted from TD Magazine 2010

Kazoodles Toys - Vancouver, Washington
"If I could keep a copy of the game, I might have a chance to actually play it -- they've just sold too fast!"

Izilla Toys along with Top Ten Toys, announced on local talk radio that S’Quarrels was one of the top games for 2009. We completely sold out before the holiday was over. Click here to listen to the radio review.

What is S’Quarrels?

S'Quarrels is based on the theme of squirrels collecting and storing acorns before winter arrives. Almost everyone can relate to squirrels; now you play the part of one. Combine the action cards of Quarrel, Hoard, Ambush, and Whirlwind, and you have a mesh of interactive fun that will bring endless entertainment for everyone.


What Customers are Saying About S'Quarrels...


We get tons of compliments from customers. The most common comments are the simple ones such as "What a fun game!" and "Let's play AGAIN"

Here is some unique feedback we have recieved...

"The Game is very fun...we all love it. I just bought 4 more sets to give to my friends. Can't wait till this game goes global and everyone can buy it!" - Mary M.

"My son brought his new S'Quarrels card game and his new bride! I loved both!!" - Peter P.

S'Quarrels is a fun game and perfect to set the mood for a day of gaming - that mood being fun. I happily recommend it! - Jessey

"We finally had the opportunity to enjoy S'Quarrels this evening!  What a BLAST!  Thank you for coming up with this game and we are happy to add it to our many games to choose from for family game night!" - Deborah D.

A mother commented:

"We love S'Quarrels! We have been able to get our son to do his homework now by telling him we will play S'Quarrels once his homework is done. It works great!" - Terry L.

Whatever the reason, customers love to play S'Quarrels.


Our Marketing Strategy


At Home Lantern Games, we know that your success is also ours. While we can't do everything, we will do all we can to help you succeed.

We know S'Quarrels needs to be visible to the industry. Our game is posted on
- Board Game Geek
- Online Toy Directory

- Official Game Website

We currently have advertisements on Bing, Facebook, Google, Yahoo, AOL, About, Ask, Excite, and many more sites. All marketing draw traffic to our site, we then direct them out to your store.

S'Quarrels can also be found attending conventions here and there through the year such as ChiTAG in Chicago, PAX in Seattle, the International Toy Fair (TIA) in New York City and other similar events. Exposure is the best way we can help your store have more success.

Lastly, we are partnering with book, toy, and game stores to do radio spots in various locations across the USA. If you would like a radio campaign in your area then contact us for more details on participating in this program.

How to get S’Quarrels in your Store

Let's place S'Quarrels in your store. You can use any of these options to get started...

Lion Rampant Imports - USA & CANADA
Call us at: (800) 992-7679
258 Catharine Street North
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
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Best of Best Toy Distribution - USA

GTS Distribution - USA


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